Bonding BOSS (Primer)

Introducing this revolutionary Stain Eliminating Primer— a versatile solution that seamlessly combines bonding and stain removal in a single product. This primer, aptly named Bonding BOSS, is the result of a unique marriage between Slick Stick and BOSS,creating the ultimate powerhouse for your painting needs.

Bonding BOSS is suitable for a wide range of surfaces including glass, ceramic, laminate, plastic, metal and wood.

It comes in 3 distinct colour options to cater to your specific needs: use the white primer for lighter hues, the grey variant for medium tones like yellows, reds and other darker colours, the clear option for dark colours or distressing. 

For added assurance against wood tannin bleed-through – especially under whites or light colours and for superior bonding durability, it is strongly recommended to use Bonding BOSS! 

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